www.tantchristina.se - is a website mostly in Swedish - I am a Swede - but you can write in English in a letter or messege as a p.m. for my messenger at FACEBOOK if you want to have Your written contribution posted at the website "Våra händers bro till framtiden" and the name of the website I have created could be translated to: "Our hands bridge to the future or "Our hands are making a bridge of future," meaning: our writings about the future of our children makes a written bridge to the future!

This is a website created through the company Simplesite

I ask people to write a letter about themselves and about what young people and children in Sweden need. Most part of this website is in Swedish but you are welcome to write in English!

a) This website want to invite adults to write mail-letters to other adults about how we can help children and young people
b) and it want to make adults interested in writing directly to children and young people
c) and the website will further on in the future (perhaps rather soon but not exactly today) at a more active level than now, ask young people to write there own letters to adults, private persons-teachers-politicians-parents-or to anyone they prefer to send a letter to -perhaps young people writing to other youngsters, using this website www.tantchristina.se
d) I will print letters on paper and share them non profite without any fee for children and youngsters and selling them to adults at a low cost charging only the printing cost
e) I also will publish letters at Facebook and sometimes I will send copies to the local government politicians, and also to parliament politicians- sometime as e-mail and sometime as paper-letters. You can always be anonymous if you want to in this project.

Please use the e-mail address brev@tantchristina.se
or my messenger at Facebook- Tant Christina

Do you have any ideas or suggestions about something you think people should do for children or young people, or do you have any factual knowledge and skills that you think could be used in a project- work with young people together with adults? For example, if you can build houses in clay and straw - could it be done if it is possible to apply for financial assistance from somewhere? Or rather crowfundings. Tell me about your wild and crazy ideas and visions! Do you have any suggestions you want to give to others, some kind of input as according to your opinion the world need to be told, also if you, yourself can´t be the one who is doing it right now? Suggestions are important! A youth project. How? The website is happy to receive your suggestions about what can be done in Sweden or in other countries-or as a cooperation between youth-projects in different countries concerning climate change and how to take care of children and young people when the world and the climate and weather conditions are changing too fast? Please send your mail to brev@tantchristina.se or my messenger at facebook