about the Arctic in English

* The Golfstream
is included in a current system that is named the termohaline circulation.
* The key is salt water. When it plums, sink, it drives the currents all around the globe because when ocean water goes down and then up again it also moves around. The salt in the water sink and the water itself continue moving and the salt as well after a while, it does probably not sink to the sea bed and stay there. But salt sea water is more heavy than fresh water and when the salt in the water wants to sink it creates more currents in opposite to what fresh water can do itself. If fresh melting water from Greenland reach the North Atlantic it will mix salt water with fresh water and that can make the current systems weakened.
* If the rate of ice melting increace in Greenland it can weaken ore stop the termohaline circulation that has been given Europe a comfortable climate.

*The Northen Atlantic
Oscilation is a climate fenomena over the Northen Atlantic and it has got an impact over winds and storm cources in North America.
* In the positive degree of phases it prevent cold air from being pushed south towards USA. In the negative degree of phases the jet wind turns south and brings arctic wind and snow. They have covered 84 % of USA for some years.
* More of hot water in Arctic and a faster rate of icemelting destabilize the jetwind.

* The Sea ice
* Melting ice bergs is sucking heat from the surrounding water and is also cooling the air above.
* If the inland ice continues melting faster and faster and more ice bergs are braking of from the big inland ice it can have a cooling effect of the water in the North Atlantic and it also can make the air above more cold. Weather phenomena that are getting more and more extreme with connection to the Arctic is notisfied across the whole world. That is making the weather systems change their patterns and gives an changeable climate.